Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Accelerated delivery will no longer be available for Search, Shopping Campaign & Shared Budget

One more updates from Google Ads

Now accelerated delivery will be no be available for Search & Shopping Campaigns.

What Is Ad Delivery?

Ad Delivery method determines how long your daily budget within a day. While Accelerated delivery attempts to spend our budget as soon as possible. It is totally depend on the traffic.

Which campaigns are running limited by budget, Its method can increase the CPC due to increase traffic & competition.

Starting 17th Sep, Now only we have only one option in ad delivery method for search & shopping campaign. 

Accelerated delivery will be the automatically switched into the standard delivery by October 1 2019.

Accelerated delivery will be remain same for display & video campaigns.

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Google Ads New Update - Now Avg. Position will be no longer Available

Google Ads Update

As you know avg. position will be no longer available in Google Ads. Now avg. position column will be remove in coming months.

As I know, It's 30th Sep.

So Now what are you thinking, I think its same!

What am I thinking right now?

How can I see the Avg. Position of our ads.

Then how can I will decide the which avg. Position is best for our ads.

So we don't need to worry about this. Column of avg. position will be replace by Search top impression rate & Search absolute top impression rate.

But if we are using the script that use average position, Then you have to review it & ensure they will continue working as intended.

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Google Ads Latest Update

Today, I am gonna to share with you update of Google Ads

1. Avg. Position will be no longer available from 30 Sep 2019.

2. Now Optimize Score also include in Shopping Campaign.

3. Now You can see the option of Account Map In MCC Account.

4. Broad Match Modifier & Phrase Match Close Variants

5. Keyword Planner - You can create the New Ad group or Campaign From Keyword Planner & We can see the more ideas.

There is one more update in Keyword planner, We can see the how many competitors run their ad on that specific keyword.

6. Performance Planner - We can analyse the performance of coming month.

7. Youtube Masthed now available also in CPM bidding ( CPM - Cost per thousand Impression )

8. Now Parallel tracking also mandatory in Display Campaigns.

9. New Audience For Search Campaign.  ( Already share in previous blog )

10. Also, We can see the performance of Shopping landing page.

11. Enhance CPC no longer available in Portfolio bid Strategy.

12. Target Impression Share & Target Outranking Share bid strategy no longer available.

13. Now Click Share also available In Google Search Campaign.

13. Choose conversion action level - Account setting or Campaign level Setting

14. Responsive Search Ads

15. Smart Shopping Campaign

16. Customer Match Targeting

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Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Type of Search Ads In Google Ads

Today, We are going to discuss about Type of Google Search Ads & How many ads should we create in single Ad Group according to Google Ads Policy. 

As you know everyone knows about the normal text ads in Google Ads. But In this blog we will talk about advance level. 

First let me tell you, We should create 3 ads in a single ad group. 2 will be the normal text ad & 1 will be responsive. I know everyone knows about it. What's the new in it. 

Everyone doing it on daily basic.

So now let me tell you the some advance - 

We have an option to create DKI Ad, If function Ad & Customizer Ad.

Above, I mentioned some Ad type that can be use in our campaigns for better performance. 

Note: Everyone knows about normal text ad but few are know that 3 headline not always visible. When our ad appears. Its totally depend on auction. 

Let's talk about some advance tricks - 

DKI - Dynamic Keyword Insertion 

What is DKI Ad copy & It use

If Someone searches then our headline will be automatically change but search term should be in 30 Characters. Then only headline will be change otherwise it would be visible same as we mention in headline. 

Ad Customizer - 

If I want to say in single word then it's result amazing. 

We create an ad then after some time. We need to change something in it. Client say you need to change in your ad copy. If we change into our ad copy then our historical data also will be delete.

So what is the solution for it 

Can we change our ad copy without delete historical data ? 

What would be our answer?

My answer is yes! We can change our ad copy without historical data. 

So let me tell you. How can be it is possible. 

First we will create an ad into excel file. We save it into comma delimited format. Only then it will work otherwise not

So In Google ads - Tools - Business data - +Business data 

Here we upload our excel file & Use it in creating ads. Now if we required some changes in our ads then we will change it only in business data. Here in ads changes automatically happen. 

Use of it - We can change our ad text without losing historical data. 

If Function Ad

If you want to show your ad different on mobile device or computer device only then we use it. 

It's a simple to use, Here we mentioned different text on mobile or as it as on computer. 

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What is the New Update On Search Network?

What is the New Update On Search Network?

Hi Today I am sharing with you. What is the new update on search network campaign

Responsive Search Ads

It is the new update in Google search network campaign. Now It's also an mandatory to create an ad of Responsive ad. 

Let me tell you the features of Responsive Ads - 

In Responsive ads, We can create up to 15 Headline & Headline character is same as normal text ad. 

If you don't know the character limit of Headline then We have a 30 character limit. 

Description, We can create up to 5 Description in Responsive Search ads. Character limit is same as normal text ads.

Now you are thinking that we can show only 2 headlines then what is use of 15 headlines or 5 description. 

Now Google optimize and will make the combination of headlines. We can also check the results. Which headline combination performing best. We can also pin the headline for own combination. 

First, We create ourself of combination of headline but now google optimize the best one. 

We can see the results of our Responsive search ads. 

New Audience for Search Network

If we are talking about latest update in Google Ads. Then It is the most important update in Google Ads. 

Now We have an option to target 

In market Audience 
Affinity Audience 
Detailed Demographic Audience

In Market Audience - Its is actively searching or planning users. 

Affinity Audience - It is the long interest Audience 

Detailed Demographic Audience - In this audience we can target the detailed demographic. 

Eg: Parental status
Marriage Status
House Hold Ownership Status

So Now In Audience option - We can narrow our search campaign targeting. 

Keyword Match Type ( Broad Match Modifier & Phrase Match ) 

Same Update in the last Year in Exact Match 

Now In Phrase or Broad Match Modifier - Now if we are targeting the Phrase or Broad Match Modifier then if someone search something else, Which is not in our targeting keywords but meaning is same then our ads will be trigger. 

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Thursday, 25 July 2019

Billing Information In Google Ads Accounts

Today, Lets talk about Billing Information In Google Ads Account.

The Payment account setting is totally depend on your account billing country and currency. Manual payment option will no longer available in Europe Countries.

As you all know the payment method in Google Ads. 

We can run ads after added the billing information. We have lots of option to add the amount in our Adword account.

Here below I mentioned all the option -

If you are using manual payments then you have a lots of option. 

Here you can use in Manual Payments -

Credit or Debit Card


Paytm Wallet

Google Pay

Money Transfer

We can change it into manual to automatic anytime. But In starting if we choose automatic payment then It is not possible to convert it into manual payment. 

In Manual Payment after account creation we can use only credit card or Paytm Wallet.

Automatic payments is not available to accounts in China or Russia.

- Monthly Billing Invoicing 

If you want to use Monthly Billing Invoicing then you have to meet this criteria.

Being registered as a business for a minimum of one year.

You have an also active ads account in google ads for a minimum 1 year. 

Spending a minimum amount of $5,000 for any of months in last 12 months. 

If you meet this criteria then you can apply for monthly billing invoicing. 

Consolidated Billing

Here you can take an advantage of Consolidated billing. You must have an MCC Account.

Here let me tell you the advantage of MCC account. If you are using MCC and your child account meet the monthly billing invoicing criteria. Then you can use the monthly invoicing all of your child account. 

Currency should be same for all child account. If currency is not same than you will get another bill for different currency.

But child account should be created by MCC Account. Then only you can use it. 

For Uk Account

We can add the bank account instead of paytm wallet

How to Run Call Only Ads on Instagram and Facebook

Today I am sharing that how can you run click to call ads on Instagram & Facebook. 

So it is very easy if you have an experience on social paid ads. 

If your Instagram page connect with Facebook ad manager then you don't need to login your Instagram account. Then you can run ads on Instagram from Facebook ad manager. You can manage your Instagram ads from Facebook ad manager.

I have more than 2+ years experience in Paid ads. There is only one objective or ads. Which is run by Instagram. If you want to increase followers on Instagram, It will be run by Instagram or from mobile device. You can run ads of followers. 

So let's talk about call to click ads on Instagram or Facebook. 

Firstly just log into your ad manager account. 

Now Go to ad manager - Click on the create campaign

Now click on Reach Audience - 

All the steps are same as you have already done. 

Mention your campaign name - Here you have also an option for split testing. If you want to do split testing then you can do it. 

Here you can test on Creatives, Audiences, Placement & Delivery optimization. 

It's an optional, If you don't want to do it then you can ignore it & click on continue button. 

Now Here you will set your ads set here, It is same as other objectives. I think I don't need to explain about it. 

In Ad Set - Choose your Facebook page, Create your audience, Set your budget & Select your placement 

Let me tell you, What we do in Ad Sets

In Ad Sets - We work on our audience that where our ads should be visible. 

Now our next step is Ad - Here we select our creatives or video & Content. 

Above, You can see the option of Call Now button & also in creatives. Your ad will be visible of your selected audience. If someone click on call now button then It will be redirect for Call. 

It will be detect your phone number automatically from your Facebook page. So you don't need to mention your number manually. 

Now fill all the requirements after that click on continue button. 

You have created your campaigns but still some steps are pending. So lets talk about what is pending. 

Now You have to edit in your Ad sets - 

Here you will be choose on mobile device not desktop. Because customers can you call from only mobile device. 

In above snapshot, You can see the Device option here you have to choose only mobile device. 

In placement option you can choose, Where do you want to run your ads. Now click to call campaign has been completed. 

But there is one negative point of click to call ads.We can't track the calls. Here we can see the click reports that how many click we got on click to call button. 

I am sharing, Where you can see this option

Click on column, Here you will be find an option of engagement - Click on it 

Here you can see clicks report. 

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Monday, 8 July 2019

Remarketing List Update In Google Ads

I Guess all of you know about the new update in Re-marketing. 

If you are not aware of it then I will tell you. 

First we were targeting re-marketing list normally. We choose the list then connect it into our campaigns. Or we were also running the campaign of re-marketing separately.

Now we connect the re-marketing list into audience . 

The option you will get, left hand side below the keywords. 

When you add the audience then you will find Targeting & Observation option here. 

First let discuss about, What is difference between Targeting  & Observation

When you choose the Targeting that means your ads will be visible only those people. Which is include in re-marketing list.

When you choose the Observation option that means your ads will be visible who is include in re-marketing list or also other users. 

Here you can see two more option to target your ads. 

One is Ideas & second one is Browse

In Idea - You have option to choose category.

Browse - You have an option to opt affiliate Audience or In-Market Audience.

First we don't have an option to opt this. But now it is available you can use it in your campaigns. 

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

E commerce Transaction Tracking In Google Adwords

I shared lead conversion tracking in previous blog with you. Now I am sharing with you 

How can we track eCommerce transaction tracking in Google Ads.

So let's start - 

First It's very simple as simple conversion tracking. Which we have done in previous blog.

We follow same step - 

Login into your Adword account - Tools - Conversion - Website

But here we have to change in the category 

We have to select here - Purchase 

Here all setting will be same as normal conversion tracking. 

Here we have to change into value - Here we assign a different value for each conversion & then every setting will be same. 

You can see the above. I mentioned a value 200. Its a default value. 

Now When will you complete your all steps. Then you will go for tag set up. You can do it with yourself or with the help of developer. Below I give an example of code. Now developer will the variables. 

Here you have two options 

First is the page load. You can opt it but here if someone complete the transaction & He refresh the page then it will count it 2. 

Click is the best option. Here you have to mention your code on click tab snippet. 

I am aditya sharma from delhi. Having more than 2 yrs experience in Google ads. If you have any doubt then you can ask anything or mail me on

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Conversion Tracking In Google Adwords

Today I am going to tell you conversion tracking. 

As you know, Why conversion tracking is important for us. 

If you are not aware of it then I am going to share you. Conversion tracking is very important for our campaigns without it we can't use too many bidding strategy. 

If we are not tracking our data then you can say it in simple words. That you are wasting your money. Even you are getting ROI. If you are not tracking your data then you are not enable to find your campaign performance. 

We don't know -  Which device, location, keywords ad copies are best for us without tracking. 

So In simple words conversion tracking is very important for us. 

How to do conversion tracking. In above I shared the benefits of conversion tracking with you.

So now let me tell you, How to do it. 

First login into your account - Go to tools -  Conversion - Now click on the website 

Now create the conversion. 

Now first choose the Category - What you want to track 

Here you can see too many options - 

Page View 
Sigh Up

So I am going to tell you about Purchase & Lead.

First Let's talk about Lead

Choose your conversion name - You can take anything. 

Now Value - Here we mention our conversion value. If we are creating a conversion for leads. Then we have to choose don't use a value.

I give you the reason why we choose it. Because right now we don't know about the conversion value. Let's take an example. Someone filled form but when I called him. He is not interesting in our services. So if we take a conversion value then it will be show in Adword account. But In real he is not interesting our services. That's why we choose don't use a value.

Now let's take a step forward - 

How to Improve Keyword Quality Score In Adword

Count - Every or One 

We should always choose One - I give you the reason.

Let suppose - Someone fill our form, He filled the form 4 times. So it means adwords will count it 4 conversion. But in real it was a single user who filled the form 4 times. 

So our data can be vary. Let suppose we got 4 leads from Delhi cost per conversion 2000 single user. 

same we got 1 leads from Noida but cost per conversion 500. 

Now we are thinking that we are getting more leads from Delhi & We will optimize the campaign accordingly. 

That's why I told you we always should choose one.

Conversion window

Let suppose someone interacts with our ad but conversion happen after days. So here we are selecting the maximum time after an ad interaction. 

View-through conversion window

Here we can select the maximum time, After a person views our ad 

Attribution Model

We can choose the Last Click – 

Now after continue we will be redirect for the Tag Code.

Here we can do it with yourself. Or you can mail it to your developer.

Code will be place head section of the thank you page. Now you have done all the steps.

I will tell you about conversion tracking for eCommerce in our next blog.

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Monday, 1 July 2019

How to Track Facebook Event In Facebook Ad Manager

Today, We are going to talk about Facebook event tracking.

If you are running a campaign on Facebook then without tracking. Then indirectly you are wasting your money. Here Below you can see the result if you are not using event tracking. If we talks about eCommerce then it's mandatory to track your audience.

If we are not tracking our audience then we don't have any idea of our audience. That which audience is best for us.

If we are tracking our audience then we can track. Which age group is best for our business

Eg: Age Group, Gender, Location, Product View, Purchase

We can track all above if we are tracking. How can we track it. Let talks about it.

First you have to login into your account, Then go to Facebook ad manager

Here In setting option you can find pixel option below the event manager. Now Firstly we will create the pixel code for the website. It will implement in the website header part. Here you can do it with yourself or with your developer. It's the basic one we are use it for every ad account. Here also a limit of creating Facebook pixel code. We can create only 10 pixel code from single ad account.

When you will implement the pixel code in the website. Then you can check in your ad account. If its active then here you will find green button. But if any case its inactive then you will find red button.

Now lets talk about advance option - 

How can I track Purchase, Product view, Checkout, Add to cart users. 

So This is the advance option, Which are going to do it. 

Here In above image you can see the advance option tracking. Now I am going to tell you. 

How to track add to cart user Specific product view user & last Purchase user.

Here below I shared add to cart script with you. Values are variables. Now all the work from here of developer. Now developer do it with itself. 

  fbq('track', 'AddToCart', {
    value: 200,
    currency: 'INR',

Code will be place add to cart page. 

Product View User - 

  fbq('track', 'ViewContent', {
    value: 200,
    currency: 'INR',
    content_type: 'product',

This code will be place on product view page. 

Same as well as for Purchase User 

  fbq('track', 'Purchase', {
    value: 200,
    currency: 'INR',
    content_type: 'Product',

You can do it with yourself . You can track what you want to track just follow these above simple steps - 

Now tracking part has been completed. But what next - 

Now our next part is it that where we can find the data of our users. 

In facebook insights we can find all the data of our users. We don't need any third party toll to track the user data. 

I am aditya sharma from delhi. I have more then 2 yrs experience in Google Adword Expert. If you have any Inquiry related to paid campaign in any platform. You can contact me on